I am a software developer

I currently work part-time at Monzo in Borrowing. You can read more about how we do what we do on the Monzo blog.

Some personal projects over the years: Hanjie puzzle solver, Dobble deck generator

I am Stephanie’s mother

The rest of my time is spent looking after 4 year old Stephanie. With walking and talking going well, we’re now working on understanding partial differential equations.

I volunteer at St Mary’s Church

I run the A/V at some services, I am Gift Aid Secretary and I am starting to build up our online presence (current website, Facebook).

I explain maths problems

If my friends have a maths problem, I am the one who answers it with an overengineered web page – due date probabilities, Dobble decks, joint probability, equidistant game.

I make cards

I enjoy crafts, and have found my niche in making cards for my friends and family.

Get to know me better

Email me: lucy@lucyleach.co.uk